Russian church of Evangelical believers:

Our Call

We are a Russian Church that strives to proclaim in any language the good news about the love of our God Jesus Christ, the forgiveness of sins and the kingdom of heaven for everyone who believes in Him.


Russian church Matthew 28-19

Russian church of Evangelical believers “SEC” is inviting you:

Come glorify our wonderful Lord together with us.

We are located and service in Winnipeg as well as its surrounding areas. We service our Lord Jesus Christ and wish to encourage all to glorify our God. Jesus teaches us to do good works to one another regardless of our languages and cultural differences. Our worship services are in Russian and Ukrainian  with translation offered to English. Our lead Pastor is Viktor Schulz and his contact can be found bellow. The Russian church of Evangelical believers “SEC” is the only Russian Evangelical church in Winnipeg. But we are encouraged to know that God is on our side and has called us to serve all those in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.

We believe in: The Triune God

We believe in the united, living true God (Isa. 45:22; Jer. 10:10; John17:3), who created the heavens, the earth and the fulness thereof (Gen. 1:1-2; Psalm 24:1; Isa. 40:26-29, 45:12; Acts 17:24-29), who manifests Himself in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit-three in one and the one in three persons, who lives forever, «and these three are one» (Isa 48:16; I John 5:7; Rom. 11:33).

«God is a Spirit» (John 4:24), and as a Spirit, He is an invisible being (Gen. 33:20, John 1:18, I John 4:12, I Tim. 6:16). However, «for the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead;...(Rom 1:20).

A man can get to know God only through the revelation (avowal) of God about Himself, which is contained in the Word of God and becomes understood because of the action of the Holy Spirit. (II Peter 1:20-21, John 14:26).